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Clinical Study Of a Micro-Implantable Pulse Generator For The Treatment of Peripheral Neuropathic Pain


This post market study is being conducted to document the comparative effectiveness and safety of peripheral nerve stimulation plus conventional medical management versus conventional medical management alone in the treatment of chronic, intractable peripheral neuralgia of post-traumatic or post-surgical origin. This is a prospective, minimal risk, multi-center, randomized control trial.

Conditions: Peripheral Neuralgia, Chronic Pain
Phase: Not Applicable

A Research Study to See How Well the New Weekly Medicine IcoSema, Which is a Combination of Insulin Icodec and Semaglutide, Controls Blood Sugar Level in People With Type 2 Diabetes Compared to Weekly Semaglutide (COMBINE 2)


This study will compare the new medicine IcoSema, which is a combination of insulin icodec and semaglutide, taken once a week, to semaglutide taken once a week in people with type 2 diabetes. The study will look at how well IcoSema controls blood sugar level in people with type 2 diabetes compared to semaglutide. Participants will either get IcoSema or semaglutide. Which treatment participants get is decided by chance. IcoSema is a new medicine that doctors cannot prescribe. Doctors can alread ...

Conditions: Diabetes Mellitus, Type 2

Safety, Tolerability, and Immunogenicity of V110 or V114 Co-administered With a Booster Dose of mRNA-1273 in Healthy Adults (V110-911)


The purpose of this study is to evaluate the concomitant and non-concomitant use of messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) mRNA-1273, the nucleoside-modified mRNA vaccine for active immunization to prevent coronavirus disease (COVID-19) caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), with a 23-valent pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine for the prevention of pneumococcal disease (V110) and, a 15-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV) indicated for the prevention of invasive ...

Conditions: Pneumococcal Infection

A Study to Evaluate the Efficacy, Safety, and Tolerability of NDI-034858 in Subjects With Active Psoriatic Arthritis


This study is designed to evaluate the efficacy, safety, and tolerability of NDI-034858 in subjects with active Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA).

Conditions: Psoriatic Arthritis

Safety and Immunogenicity of 9-valent Human Papillomavirus (9vHPV) Vaccine Coadministered With Messenger Ribonucleic Acid (mRNA)-1273 Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) (COVID-19) Vaccine (V503-076)


The primary hypothesis is that concomitant administration of the first doses of 9vHPV vaccine and 2-dose regimen of mRNA-1273 vaccine induces noninferior geometric mean titers (GMTs) of antibodies to each of the 9vHPV vaccine types at 4 weeks postdose 2 of 9vHPV vaccine AND noninferior geometric mean concentrations (GMCs) of SARS-CoV-2 spike protein-specific binding antibody at 4 weeks Postdose 2 of mRNA-1273 vaccine, compared with the corresponding postdose 2 GMTs/GMCs induced by a 2-dose regim ...

Conditions: Papillomavirus Infections, Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

A Study on the Immune Response and Safety of Various Potencies of an Investigational Chickenpox Vaccine Compared With a Marketed Chickenpox Vaccine, Given to Healthy Children 12 to 15 Months of Age


The purpose of this study is to assess immune response and safety of various potencies of an investigational chickenpox vaccine given to healthy children 12 to 15 months of age.

Conditions: Chickenpox

Impact of a Mobile App on Pregnant Women's Prenatal Genetic Testing Decision-making


Determine the effect of a culturally sensitive prenatal genetic testing (PGT) education intervention delivered via a mobile application on pregnant women's perceptions, knowledge, and uptake of PGT. Our working hypothesis, based on prior studies, is that pregnant women who receive a culturally sensitive intervention to enhance their knowledge and understanding of PGT will feel more confident in their decision-making regarding PGT.

Conditions: Pregnant Women, Mobile Applications, Genetic Testing, Prenatal Care
Phase: Not Applicable

A Study of a Potential Oral Treatment to Prevent COVID-19 in Adults Who Are Exposed to Household Member(s) With a Confirmed Symptomatic COVID-19 Infection


The purpose of this clinical trial is to learn whether the study medicine prevent symptoms of COVID-19 in adults who have been exposed to household member(s) with a confirmed symptomatic COVID-19 infection. All participants in the study will receive treatment for COVID-19 as needed, based on their regular doctor's recommendation. Two-thirds of participants will also receive two study medicines (PF-07321332 and ritonavir) by mouth twice a day for either five or ten days. We will compare the expe ...

Conditions: COVID-19

A Phase 3 Study of VX-121 Combination Therapy in Participants With Cystic Fibrosis (CF) Heterozygous for F508del and a Minimal Function Mutation (F/MF)


The purpose of this study is to evaluate the efficacy and safety of VX-121/tezacaftor/deutivacaftor (VX-121/TEZ/D-IVA) in CF participants who are heterozygous for F508del and a minimal function mutation (F/MF participants).

Conditions: Cystic Fibrosis

ZEUS - A Research Study to Look at How Ziltivekimab Works Compared to Placebo in People With Cardiovascular Disease, Chronic Kidney Disease and Inflammation


This study is conducted to see if ziltivekimab reduces the risk of having cardiovascular events (for example heart attack and stroke) in people with cardiovascular disease, chronic kidney disease and inflammation. Participants will either get ziltivekimab (active medicine) or placebo (a dummy medicine which has no effect on the body). This is known as the study medicine. Which treatment participants get is decided by chance. Participants chance of getting ziltivekimab or placebo is the same. Z ...

Conditions: Cardiovascular Risk, Chronic Kidney Disease, Inflammation

Evaluation of Protease Inhibition for COVID-19 in Standard-Risk Patients (EPIC-SR).


The primary hypothesis to be tested is whether or not there is a difference in time to sustained alleviation of all targeted COVID-19 signs and symptoms through Day 28 between PF-07321332/ritonavir and placebo.

Conditions: COVID-19
Phase: Phase 2/3

A Study to Monitor Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring in Hypogonadal Men Treated With Nasal Testosterone Gel


The purpose of this study is to assess the change in 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM) between baseline (Day 0) and Day 120 following 4 months of testosterone therapy with Natesto.

Conditions: Hypogonadism