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Mobile Tele-Monitoring Guided Cardiac Rehabilitation in Post-Acute Coronary Syndrome Patients


Cardiac rehabilitation (CR) programmes are effective measures to reduce recurrent ischemic events in post-acute coronary syndrome (ACS) patients. However, participation rates in CR programmes following myocardial infarction remain low and their long-term effects are uncertain. Home-based CR in combination with novel innovative e-Health applications could overcome barriers to accessibility and participation. Rehab+, a mobile cardiac rehabilitation (mCR) programme co-created with patients and reh ...

Conditions: Cardiac Rehabilitation, Acute Coronary Syndrome

Efficacy of the Act of Urination to Relief the Pain During Flexible Cystoscopy Procedure.


This research is about modification during routine cystoscopy (scope in the bladder) procedure [ experimental research ]. The goal of the study is to evaluate patient experience with cystoscopy by using procedural modification to reduce pain perception. The investigator aim for quality improvement of the current methods of cystoscopy to achieve a better patient experience.

Conditions: Hematuria, Bladder Ca, Bladder Stone, Urologic Diseases
Phase: Not Applicable

Vitamin D Supplementation for the Prevention of GDM


This study was a double-blind multicenter randomized controlled study.

Conditions: Vitamin D, Gestational Diabetes
Phase: Early Phase 1

Effects of Body Position and Recruiting Maneuver on Lung Aeration Assessed Through Ultrasound in Patients Intubated for Acute Respiratory Failure Related to Novel Coronavirus 19 Disease


Second analysis of data prospectively collected during an investigation assessing the clinical characteristics of patients admitted for hypoxemic acute respiratory failure (hARF) related to novel coronavirus 19 disease (COVID-19). In particular, the primary aim of the present analysis is to assess the effects of recruiting maneuver and prone positioning on lung aeration evaluated through lung ultrasound in patients undergoing invasive mechanical ventilation

Conditions: Acute Respiratory Failure
Phase: Not Applicable

The Effect of OMM in the Treatment of Primary Dysmenorrhea Symptoms


Primary dysmenorrhea or simply painful menstruation is a disorder that 45-90% of women experience to varying degrees. The most prominent symptom of dysmenorrhea is crampy suprapubic pain occurring prior to menstruation, closely followed by low back pain, headache, depression, diarrhea, fatigue, nausea, and vomiting. Primary dysmenorrhea cannot be attributed to a specific physiological reason, whereas secondary dysmenorrhea may be due to other gynecological disorders. For symptom management, most ...

Conditions: Dysmenorrhea Primary
Phase: Not Applicable

London Valvular Heart Disease and Reduced Ejection Fraction Detection in a Multi-ethnic Community Using Cardiac Ultrasound


Heart Valve Disease and Heart failure contribute to 25% of hospital emergency admissions while heart failure alone has become one of the most common causes for hospitalisation in people over the age of 65. The burden of disease is likely to be high in a multi-ethnic community but there is a paucity of data. Management of heart valve disease requires appropriate surveillance and timely surgery. Similarly heart failure management requires treatment with medications aimed at slowing prevention of s ...

Conditions: Heart Valve Diseases, Left Ventricular Dysfunction

The Effect of Gravity on the Occurrence of Lactational Mastitis


Lactation is the instinct of almost all mammals, including human beings. With the development of human society, the function of lactation has gradually deviated from nature instinct. Breastfeeding related industries, such as milk bottles, formula and breast pumps, have formed a vast consumer market, leading to a transition from breastfeeding mothers' individual instinct to the social division of labor. Previous studies found that the incidence of lactational mastitis remains largely unchanged po ...

Conditions: Lactation Mastitis

The Effect of Psychoeducation Program on Healthy Living Behaviors


1.031 / 5.000 Çeviri sonuçları This research was planned to determine the effect of health protection and promotion program based on motivational interviewing based on Pender's Health Promotion Model on healthy lifestyle behaviors of individuals with schizophrenia. When the national and international literature is examined, it is known that there are descriptive studies on the physical health of individuals with mental disorders, and interventional intervention programs under the leadership of p ...

Conditions: Schizophrenia
Phase: Not Applicable

XuanwuH Acute Ischemic Stroke Registry


Acute ischemic stroke registry--Xuanwu Hospital(XSR) is an academic, independent, prospective, single center, observational registry study. Consecutive acute ischemic stroke patients assessed in stroke "green channel" of Xuanwu Hospital(China) will be enrolled in our study. Patients receive regular treatment and data will be collected as part of clinical routine. Baseline clinical and procedural information as well clinical follow-up information during in-hospital stay, and up to 90 days of stro ...

Conditions: Acute Ischemic Stroke

Creative Drama in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Education


Candidates who will provide the health services of the future should be ready to provide the safe and best health care services. In order to achieve this, it is recommended to use new training programs and methods that will provide similar situations to the working environment in the training of health workers. There are very few studies on the empathy and communication perceptions that creative drama education will create with the patient on physiotherapy and rehabilitation department students. ...

Conditions: Educational Problems
Phase: Not Applicable

Osteoarthritis Outcomes in Different Ages


We aim to study if there are differences in outcomes between different age groups for persons with knee or hip osteoarthritis during treatment in digitally delivered exercise and education treatment.

Conditions: Pain, Physical Function, Age

Urdu Version of Foot and Ankle Disability Index: A Reliability and Validity Study


The purpose of this research is to translate Foot and Ankle Disability Index in Urdu and determine the validity and reliability in patients with plantar fasciitis and correlate IT with Quality of Life Short Form-36 and the Visual Analog Scale.

Conditions: Plantar Fascitis