The city of High Point, North Carolina, currently has 1 active clinical trials seeking participants for Pain research studies.
The Effect of Combining Pain Neuroscience Education and Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation on Pain Catastrophizing, Kinesiophobia, and Pain in Patients With Chronic Low Back Pain
Recent literature has shown that individuals with persistent chronic pain often exhibit altered cognitive, affective, and sensorimotor behaviors despite a full recovery of peripheral structural injury. Clinically this can be observed via altered pain behaviors (e.g., pain catastrophizing and kinesiophobia) and increased sensitivity to pressure stimuli, each of which are predictive of poorer outcomes. These alterations are believed to have arisen from maladaptive reorganization of brain networks,... Read More
Between 18 years and 65 years
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Locations: High Point University, High Point, North Carolina
Conditions: Chronic Low-back Pain, Catastrophizing Pain, Kinesiophobia