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Rebreathing-induced Hypoxia and Glucose Levels


The aim of this research project is to determine the effect of repeated maximal voluntary apneas on glucose uptake during an oral glucose tolerance test in healthy individuals, individuals with prediabetes and patients with type 2 diabetes.

Conditions: Hypoxemia
Phase: Not Applicable

Proof-of-concept Trial of Apraglutide in GVHD


The aim of this trial is to assess safety and efficacy of apraglutide in subjects with steroid refractory gastrointestinal acute graft versus host disease (aGVHD).

Conditions: GVHD

A Study Evaluating the Safety and Efficacy of Hormone Replacement Therapy With ST-1891 Compared to Levothyroxine in Patients With Primary Hypothyroidism


ST-1891-201 is a multicenter, randomized, double-blind, crossover, Phase 2 study evaluating the safety and efficacy of hormone replacement therapy with ST-1891 compared to levothyroxine in patients with primary hypothyroidism.

Conditions: Hypothyroidism

A Study of Modified mRNA Vaccines in Healthy Adults


The main goal of this study is to evaluate the safety, reactogenicity, and immunogenicity of study vaccines.

Conditions: SARS-CoV-2, Seasonal Influenza, Respiratory Syncytial Virus, Cytomegalovirus

Increasing HIV/STI Home Testing Via a Digital Intervention Among Black Women


The proposed intervention is a web-based intervention guided by theoretical components to increase HIV home testing among Black women at risk for HIV and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in a HIV hotspot in the South. The intervention will promote using the home test, linkage to care, and linkage to pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) evaluation. The intervention has the potential to be implemented on a large scale and tailored based on location and population to increase testing, treatment, a ...

Conditions: Hiv, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Economic Problems
Phase: Not Applicable

A Safety, Reactogenicity, and Immunogenicity Study of mRNA-1073 (COVID-19/Influenza) Vaccine in Adults 18 to 75 Years Old


The primary goal of this study is to evaluate the safety, reactogenicity, and immunogenicity of mRNA-1073 compared to co-administered mRNA-1010 and mRNA-1273 vaccines and to the individual vaccines alone in healthy participants.

Conditions: SARS-CoV-2, Influenza
Phase: Phase 1/2

Safety, Tolerability, and Pharmacodynamics of SYNB8802v1 in Subjects With History of Gastric Bypass Surgery or Short-bowel Syndrome


Study SYNB8802-CP-002 is designed to assess safety, tolerability, and oxalate lowering, in subjects with a history of gastric bypass surgery or short-bowel syndrome. In addition, this study will explore other PD effects relative to baseline as well as predictors of efficacy and tolerability.

Conditions: Enteric Hyperoxaluria
Phase: Early Phase 1

Interactive Care Coordination and Navigation:RCT To Assess the Impact of a mHealth Intervention for Homeless Individuals


People experiencing homelessness (PEH) are at exceptionally high risk of frequent emergency department (ED) and hospital use, poor functional outcomes, and increased morbidity and mortality from poorly managed chronic health conditions and complex social needs. Evidence-based interventions of particular promise for reducing ED and hospital utilization and improving health outcomes and meeting social needs involve:1) providing care in the community to overcome barriers including transportation an ...

Conditions: Number of Emergency Department and Hospital Visits Among Adults Experiencing Homelessness, Medication Adherence, Social Support, Pyschological Distress, Attainment of Social Needs (i.e., Housing, Employment, Receipt of Benefits)
Phase: Not Applicable

A Study to Determine the Bioavailability of Vonoprazan Sprinkle Capsules on Pudding or on Applesauce Relative to a Vonoprazan Tablet in Healthy Participants


The primary objective of this study is to assess the bioavailability (BA) of a single oral dose of vonoprazan 20 mg sprinkle capsule, either sprinkled on pudding or on applesauce, relative to a vonoprazan 20 mg tablet in healthy participants.

Conditions: Healthy Volunteers

Study to Investigate LP352 in Subjects With Developmental and Epileptic Encephalopathies


The objective of this study is to assess the safety, tolerability, efficacy, and pharmacokinetics of adjunctive therapy of LP352 in adults with developmental and epileptic encephalopathies.

Conditions: Developmental and Epileptic Encephalopathy, Dravet Syndrome, Lennox Gastaut Syndrome
Phase: Phase 1/2

A Study of Multiple-ascending Doses of IW-3300 in Healthy Subjects


This clinical study is designed as a multiple-ascending-dose, safety and tolerability study with IW-3300. The study drug will be administered as a low-volume [20 mL] enema. Study participants will be randomized in a 2:1 ratio to receive IW-3300 or placebo. Up to 3 different doses of IW-3300 will be studied. Safety reviews will be conducted before proceeding to each higher dose.

Conditions: Healthy Volunteers

A Study to Evaluate the Effects on the Single-Dose Drug Levels of Mavacamten in Healthy Participants


The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effects on the single-dose drug levels of mavacamten in healthy participants.

Conditions: Healthy Participants