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Charlotte, Raleigh, Asheville, and Wilmington are the key cities of North Carolina, with the Charlotte metro area alone holding about 2.56 million residents and attracting the most tourists each year. The state's diverse economy is driven in part on very high availability of hydroelectric power, and it has 15 metropolitan areas overall. Blue Ridge Parkway and Great Smoky Mountains National Park rank as the most visited national park and public land unit, respectively, in the whole United States. The 200-mile Outer Banks make up the most popular beaches. Duke University Hospital, a renowned academic medical center, has nearly 1,000 beds.

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Pilot Test of a Mobile Text Approach to Measurement and Feedback for Wraparound Care Coordination


This SBIR Phase I study will test the acceptability and feasibility of a novel measurement and feedback system tailored to Wraparound service model (WSM) for emotional disorders to produce a feasible, cost-efficient, and scalable software system to meet the pressing public health need for Measurement-based Care in care coordination for youth behavioral health.

Conditions: Mental Health Services
Phase: Not Applicable

A Safety, Tolerability, and Immunogenicity Study of mRNA-1345 and mRNA-1365 in Participants Aged 5 Months to <24 Months


The purpose of this study is to assess the safety and immunogenicity of mRNA-1365, an mRNA vaccine targeting respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) and human metapneumovirus (hMPV) and mRNA-1345, an mRNA vaccine targeting RSV, in participants aged 5 months to <24 months.

Conditions: Respiratory Syncytial Virus, Human Metapneumovirus

Impact of Financial Incentives


This trial will look at the impact of clinic-level financial incentives to improve provider communication and increase HPV vaccine uptake. Some clinics will receive communication training. Other clinics will receive the same training and a clinic-level financial incentive program with a monthly data feedback report to increase HPV vaccine uptake.

Conditions: Human Papilloma Virus
Phase: Not Applicable

Complex And Simple Appendicitis: REstrictive or Liberal Post-operative Antibiotic eXposure (CASA RELAX)


To demonstrate the safety, efficacy, and feasibility of short-course post-operative antibiotic treatment for simple and complicated appendicitis

Conditions: Appendicitis Surgery
Phase: Not Applicable

ARTEMIS: Ravulizumab to Protect Patients With CKD From CSA-AKI and MAKE


The primary objective of this study is to assess the efficacy of a single dose of ravulizumab IV compared with placebo in reducing the risk of the clinical consequences of AKI (MAKE) at 90 days in adult participants with CKD who undergo non-emergent cardiac surgery with CPB.

Conditions: Chronic Kidney Disease, CKD, Cardiac Disease, Cardiopulmonary Bypass

A Study to Assess the Effect of Dexpramipexole in Adolescents and Adults With Eosinophilic Asthma


The purpose of this study is to evaluate dexpramipexole as an add-on oral therapy in participants with inadequately controlled eosinophilic asthma to evaluate improvements in lung function, asthma control, and quality of life. In addition, the study will further evaluate the safety and tolerability of dexpramipexole in participants with eosinophilic asthma.

Conditions: Eosinophilic Asthma, Asthma; Eosinophilic, Asthma Attack

Comparison of CE-DBT and MRI in Patients With Known Breast Lesions


The purpose of this pilot study is to compare radiologist confidence level in evaluating patients with known breast lesions between contrast enhanced digital breast tomosynthesis (CE- DBT) and contrast enhanced dynamic magnetic resonance imaging (CE-MRI) acquired as a part of a standard clinical workup.

Conditions: Breast Cancer
Phase: Early Phase 1

A 12-week Study to Assess the Efficacy and Safety of Budesonide and Formoterol Fumarate Metered Dose Inhaler Relative to Budesonide Metered Dose Inhaler in Participants With Inadequately Controlled Asthma (LITHOS)


This is a 12-week study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of budesonide and formoterol fumarate metered dose inhaler relative to budesonide metered dose inhaler in adults and adolescents with inadequately controlled asthma.

Conditions: Asthma

Post-approval Follow-up Study of the IC-8 Apthera Intraocular Lens (IOL)


The purpose of this study is to evaluate the long-term safety of the IC-8 Apthera intraocular lens (IOL).

Conditions: Cataract, Presbyopia

A Study to Assess the Effect of Dexpramipexole in Adolescents and Adults With Severe Eosinophilic Asthma.


This study will assess the efficacy and safety of dexpramipexole as an adjunctive oral therapy in participants with inadequately controlled asthma with an eosinophilic phenotype and a history of asthma exacerbations.

Conditions: Eosinophilic Asthma, Asthma; Eosinophilic, Asthma

A Pivotal Study to Evaluate the Efficacy of Lorundrostat in Subjects With Uncontrolled Hypertension on a Standardized Antihypertensive Medication Regimen


A Phase 2 trial to evaluate the blood pressure-lowering effect of lorundrostat (an aldosterone synthase inhibitor), administered on a background of a standardized anti-hypertensive (AHT) medication regimen, in subjects with uncontrolled hypertension.

Conditions: Hypertension

Soft and Hard Tissue Changes Around Implants


Our long-term goal is to generate evidence for the creation of successful implant restorations and ideal supporting tissues in adequate health by utilizing patient-tailored implant protocols such as the use of customized computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) healing abutments. With this study, the investigators intend to recruit patients requiring a single implant placement and implant crown in molar areas. Patients will be randomly assigned to either the control group ...

Conditions: Edentulous Alveolar Ridge
Phase: Not Applicable