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A listing of North Carolina Clinical Trials actively recruiting patient volunteers.

Charlotte, Raleigh, Asheville, and Wilmington are the key cities of North Carolina, with the Charlotte metro area alone holding about 2.56 million residents and attracting the most tourists each year. The state's diverse economy is driven in part on very high availability of hydroelectric power, and it has 15 metropolitan areas overall. Blue Ridge Parkway and Great Smoky Mountains National Park rank as the most visited national park and public land unit, respectively, in the whole United States. The 200-mile Outer Banks make up the most popular beaches. Duke University Hospital, a renowned academic medical center, has nearly 1,000 beds.

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Home Sleep Therapy for Older Adults With MCI


The goal of this clinical trial is to learn about the ability of non-invasive brain stimulation during sleep to enhance people's deep sleep and its potential benefit on memory in people with mild cognitive impairment via home use sleep therapy device (SleepWISP) as well as learn about biomarkers associated with Alzheimer disease (AD). The clinical trial aims to answer the following main questions: Whether the non-invasive transcranial electrical stimulation (TES) delivered by SleepWISP could pr ...

Conditions: Mild Cognitive Impairment, Sleep, Transcranial Electrical Stimulation, Machine Learning, Memory
Phase: Not Applicable

Closed-Loop Transcranial Alternating Current Stimulation for the Treatment of Depression


The purpose of this research study is to study closed-loop transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS) to determine its effects on symptoms of depression in people with major depressive disorder.

Conditions: Depression, Major Depressive Disorder, tACS
Phase: Not Applicable

Scavenging of Reactive Carbonyl Species by Dietary Flavonoids in Humans


This is an interventional study to investigate the formation and pharmacokinetics of reactive carbonyl species adducts of dietary polyphenols (soymilk, green tea, and blueberry) in humans after a single dose of dietary flavonoids.

Conditions: Human Health, Reactive Carbonyl Species, Polyphenols
Phase: Not Applicable

Good Bowls: Eat Well At Work


The goal of this clinical trial is to improve the health of blue-collar workers by providing subsidized healthy meals supported by nutrition education and behavioral nudges using mobile health and Bluetooth technology. The aim of this study is to: Randomize 240 individuals in 8-10 worksites to either Good Bowls alone or Good Bowls + Phone App nudges. Using a crossover design, our primary outcome is the score on a validated Mediterranean diet screener, with secondary outcomes including weight, ...

Conditions: Nutrition, Healthy, Behavior, Eating
Phase: Not Applicable

Effects of Remote Ischemic Conditioning on Bimanual Skill Learning and Corticospinal Excitability in Children With Unilateral Cerebral Palsy


Unilateral cerebral palsy (UCP) is a leading cause of childhood disability. An early brain injury impairs the upper extremity function, bimanual coordination, and impacts the child's independence. The existing therapeutic interventions have higher training doses and modest effect sizes. Thus, there is a critical need to find an effective priming agent to enhance bimanual skill learning in children with UCP. This study aims to determine the effects of a novel priming agent, remote ischemic condit ...

Conditions: Unilateral Cerebral Palsy
Phase: Not Applicable

Use of an Integrated Orthotic and Rehabilitation Initiative for Treatment of Lower Extremity Musculoskeletal Disorders


The Intrepid Dynamic Exoskeletal Orthosis (IDEO) is a custom, energy storage and return ankle orthosis proven to improve functional ability when coupled with a customized high-intensity rehabilitation program. The Return to Performance (RTP) clinical pathway is the civilian version of the evidence-based Return To Run (RTR) clinical pathway. Together, the CUSTOMIZED EXOSKELETAL ORTHOSIS and RTP form a novel orthotic and rehabilitation initiative. A diverse group of patients has utilized the pathw ...

Conditions: Musculoskeletal Injury

A Study of Guselkumab for the Treatment of Participants With Crohn's Disease After Surgical Resection


The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effectiveness of guselkumab treatment compared with placebo (an inactive substance with no medicine) in preventing recurrence of Crohn's disease in participants after surgery.

Conditions: Crohn's Disease

Cold Agglutinin Disease Real World Evidence Registry


This is a multinational, multi-center, observational, prospective, longitudinal disease registry designed to collect data on participants with cold agglutinin disease (CAD) or cold agglutinin syndrome (CAS). Among them, a minimum of 30 patients with CAD treated with sutimlimab are expected to take part in the sutimlimab cohort study. Patients with CAD who have been enrolled in previous sutimlimab clinical trials (e.g., BIVV009-01/LTS16214 [NCT02502903,CAD patients], BIVV009-03/EFC16215 [NCT03347 ...

Conditions: Cold Agglutinin Disease (CAD), Cold Agglutinin Syndrome (CAS)