The state of Vermont currently has 1 active clinical trials seeking participants for Pain research studies. These trials are conducted in various cities, including Burlington, Bennington, Berlin and White River Junction.
A Prospective Pilot Study of a Non-Narcotic Post-Operative Course After Colectomy
With this pilot investigation, the investigators aim to challenge the reliance on opiate analgesia following colon and rectal surgery. Narcotic misuse and abuse is a pressing public health concern, and reduction in prescription rates could help to mitigate this issue. The goal of this pilot study is to establish feasibility of sufficient post-operative pain control after colectomy using non-narcotic analgesics. The investigators hypothesize that patients will be able to manage their post-operati... Read More
18 years and above
Trial Updated:
Locations: UVM Medical Center, Burlington, Vermont
Conditions: Analgesia, Post-Operative Pain, Breakthrough Pain, Colectomy